Events plan

Events plan

Producing an events plan

An event plan is a vital document which outlines all the elements of the event. For example;

  • Event safety policy statement which would detail the hierarchical structure of safety responsibility

  • Event risk assessment

  • Details of the event

  • Site safety plan

  • Crowd management plan

  • Transport management plan

  • Welfare plan

  • Emergency plan

  • Medical plan

  • Communications plan

Events plans can take many formats. The council and the Safety Advisory Group would like all event organisers to present a standardised version of their event plan for consideration. In order to do this we ask all event organisers to consider using our recommended Emergency manual which can be obtained on request.

It is important that a first draft of the event plan is made available prior to the initial Safety Advisory Group (SAG) meeting.  The Land Manager will need to see the final version of the event plan before a land permit can be issued. 


Site inspections by Newcastle City Council's officers may be necessary leading up to the event with a final check on the morning of the event. Certificates, structural checks, electrical checks, lighting levels must all be made available for checking and approved prior to the event by the Land Manager.

During event

Some events may require an event control, housing key personnel from all relevant agencies, to allow those personnel to monitor and co-ordinate safety and respond as appropriate to any incident which may impact upon safety at the event. The requirement for, and the location of, an event control will be clarified by the event organiser.

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