Better Business for All

Better Business for All


Better Business for All (BBfA) in the North East of England is a partnership involving the seven councils in the North East Local Enterprise Area, the three fire and rescue authorities and the Federation of Small Business.

Through the BBfA partnership we work with local food, hospitality and retail businesses to help them understand and untangle regulatory concerns they may have. This approach makes it easier for businesses to 'get it right first time' and helps them invest and grow.

Regionally, the partnership has assisted over 15,700 businesses, from bars and cafés improving their hygiene rating to offering advice about novel foods to restaurants.  

We aim to help businesses flourish, establish or maintain their excellent reputations, and be compliant with regulations. We're proud to offer free*, confidential and solution-focused advice to businesses who are:

  • starting up

  • experiencing problems

  • considering expansion or relocation to new premises or areas

  • thinking about introducing new products, lines or methods of production

Let us help with becoming compliant so that you can focus on growing your business. We will show you how you can overcome the regulatory barriers and be there when you need a hand.


*Some advice services may incur a charge or fee but customers will be advised of any costs. 

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