Housing Benefit - Benefit Fraud

Housing Benefit Fraud

Benefit Fraud is where people deliberately fail to report a change in their circumstances or lie in order to claim Housing Benefit and or Social Security Benefits. This can be a claimant acting alone or with the help of a third party, for example a landlord or employer.

Benefit Fraud is a criminal offence and if you think someone is fraudulently claiming benefit this will be investigated by Department for Work & Pensions. If evidence is found to prove that a person is committing fraud they maybe prosecuted or be made to pay a penalty.

If you suspect that someone is committing Benefit Fraud, you should report them straight away. Call Department for Work & Pensions on 0800 854 440. This is a free number and you will not be charged 


Reporting fraud to Newcastle City Council

If you suspect that someone is committing fraud or corruption, please complete this form here providing as much information as possible.

All information is treated in the strictest confidence, but if you do wish to give your name and address you are able to do so.

You can report the following types of fraud:

  • Housing and tenancy fraud includes unlawful sub-letting, false right to buy/right to acquire.
  • Council tax fraud could involve wrongly claiming single person discount or student discount.
  • Business rates fraud is when a business avoids paying the correct fees.
  • Social care payment fraud is when a person misuses direct payments to pay for their care.
  • Grant claim fraud is related to individuals or organisations claiming grants that they are not eligible for.
  • Council employee fraud could include an employee abusing their position to get a job with the council, or to obtain a council house, for a family member or friend.
  • Contractor or supplier fraud could include providing gifts or services in kind to a councillor or employee in return for an award of contract.
  • Insurance fraud happens when a person is dishonest about a claim made against us.
  • Blue badge/parking permit fraud involves a person using a disabled parking badge/parking permit when they are not entitled to.


Fraud and corruption reporting form

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