Benefit and Debt Bulletins Archive

This page lists earlier Benefit Bulletins and Debt Bulletins.

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Earlier Benefit Bulletins


  • Universal Credit full service roll out today, May 2016 (pdf, 22kb)
  • Universal Credit 'full service' roll out, changes from April 2016 and other important changes. March 2016 (pdf, 485kb)


  • Spending review, Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment, carers and work conditionality December 2015 (pdf, 337kb)
  • Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment roll out, Employment and Support Allowance, benefit underclaim, budget announcements and more  July 2015 (pdf, 375kb)
  • Universal Credit in Newcastle, Employment and Support Allowance and many other changes April 2015 (pdf, 322kb)
  • Personal Independence Payment roll out in January 2015 news January 2015 (pdf, 215kb)


  • Universal Credit in Newcastle, Personal Independence Payment delays, European Economic migrants, carers and benefits, shared parental leave, pension changes,sanctions, the autumn statement and more December 2014 (pdf, 306kb)
  • Longer waiting times for benefit payment, work related activity, Universal Credit, advice disability and sickness benefits and more September 2014 (pdf, 315kb)
  • Benefit news and issues, such as big benefit changes for EEA migrants, relaxed JSA rules for recently homeless and more  July 2014 updated September 2014 (pdf, 217kb)
  • Big changes for jobseekers and lone parents from April, sanctions and budget summary March 2014 (pdf, 236kb)
  • Big Benefit changes and news February 2014 (pdf, 228kb)
  • New appeal system April 2014 February 2014 (pdf, 18kb)


  • October is the time for big benefit changes October 2013 (pdf, 166kb)

Earlier Debt Bulletins


  • Debt changes and news December 2016 (pdf, 292kb)
  • The Benefit Cap September 2016 (pdf, 278kb)
  • Universal Credit: Personal Budgeting Support June 2016 (pdf, 111kb

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