The Play Streets scheme is aimed at letting children play out where they live in a safe, traffic-free place.

It means that, for a short period of time, your street can be closed to through traffic, providing it’s not a main road, bus route or emergency vehicle route.

You can apply to hold a Play Streets event until the end of October 2018. After that we’ll be reviewing the scheme before deciding how to run it next year.

Anyone can apply to hold a Play Streets event on their street – but there are some things you need to know.

Here’s some information that will be useful if you’re thinking of having your own event.

What are the benefits of having a Play Streets event?

There are lots of good reasons to have a Play Streets event.

It’s a chance for your kids to play out in a safe traffic-free area where they can enjoy games, sports, skipping, cycling, hopscotch, playing tag – you name it!

As well as helping children to be more active it also means they’ll get to spend time with their friends, and maybe make new ones.

And it’s not just the children who can join in – adults can get involved as well, meaning you get to spend time having fun with your kids.

How can I apply?

You need to get permission to close your street so you’ll need to send in an application form (Word, 59kb). There is some guidance for organisers (pdf, 145kb) to help you make sure you’ve followed all the necessary steps.

We’ll be dealing with applications in April and in June so make sure you send in your form before then.

What requirements do I need to meet?

Before you apply for a Play Streets event you have to let your neighbours know in case anyone has an objection. You need to do this at least two weeks before you apply.

Your application has to be sent to us at least eight weeks before you want to hold your event.

On the day you will be responsible for organising and managing things, including putting out traffic signs and cones to close the street, supervising activities and allowing safe access if required by residents’ cars and emergency services vehicles.

What support does the council give?

Once we get an application we will arrange for the necessary advertising of the proposed road closure and will aim to address any objections we may receive.

We will make sure you have the road closure signs and cones that you’ll need on the day and give you information and advice about how they should be set up.

What if someone objects to having a Play Streets event?

You have to let your neighbours know if you are planning to have a Play Streets event and they can raise an objection if they have concerns.

We will look at all objections – which can be sent directly to us if people wish – and try to resolve any issues.

Providing we can resolve the issues the Play Streets event will be given permission.

However, if we are not able to resolve issues then we may not be able to allow the event to take place.

Where can I get more advice?

If you would like further advice on holding a Play Streets event please email

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23 March 2018
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