White Ribbon Newcastle

White Ribbon Newcastle

For too long, far too many people have seen gender-based violence as something that happens somewhere else, but we know that it can happen anywhere.  One in three women in the UK experiences domestic abuse, over 80% of women have been harassed in public and more than 20% of women over 16 have experienced some type of sexual assault. 

Other people make excuses for male violence against women and girls.  They say things like "he's only young", or "he'd had too much to drink" or even "he was angry about the football."  When a man turns to violence it is seen as a women's issue.

Women are told not to go out alone, to change the way they dress or not to say or do anything that will make their husband, boyfriend, father, brother or even their son angry.  Women and girls are being told that it's their fault they are abused and if they just behaved differently men and boys wouldn't be driven to violence.  

White Ribbon UK (WRUK) knows that not all men are violent or abusive, but they understand that male violence against women and girls can happen in any town, city or community.  WRUK don't see violence as a women's issue because they know that it is only by working with men and boys that we will end male violence against women.  

Newcastle City Council is proud support White Ribbon UK and proud to be White Ribbon Accredited.