Co-wheels car club

Co-wheels is a ‘pay by the hour’ car club which enables people to make car journeys when they need to without having to own their own vehicle.

Co-wheels cars are parked in convenient locations across the city, close to where people live and work. It costs from £4.75 an hour to hire a Co-wheels car.

People who join the car club can hire a Co-wheels car as and when they need to, using public transport, walking or cycling for other journeys.

This helps to reduce the number of car journeys which are made on our roads, in turn reducing congestion and pollution and helping to tackle climate change.

Businesses can also use Co-wheels vehicles, which can be easier than managing pool cars, using taxis or subsidising employees’ private car use. It also means businesses save on parking charges.

You can find out more about the scheme and where the cars are located on the Co-wheels North East website.

Co-wheels works in partnership with Newcastle City Council and other local authorities across the region.


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