Fawdon Lane

Major road-widening scheme to a key commuter route was completed in 2017.

Kingston Park Road and Fawdon Lane junction in the west of the city suffered from congestion, which led to queuing traffic on the A1 Western Bypass.

The junction was identified as needing improvements and the city council secured funds from developers and a bid to Highways England to upgrade the infrastructure to cope with additional traffic from planned new housing sites.

The developments are part of the council’s Local Plan which was adopted in 2015 and sets out plans for the delivery of 21,000 houses by 2030.

The junction improvements at Kingston Park are an important part of the infrastructure needed for this development and growth.

Over £1m was invested in the junction to widen the road and install a new eastbound lane, which would stop traffic been blocked by vehicles turning right.

The council also installed intelligent traffic signals to smooth traffic flow across the network, as well as improving facilities for people on foot and on bikes and new planting to benefit the local community.


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