Smart thinking. Smart city.

Smart thinking. Smart city.

We’ve got a long history of innovation.

Mosley Street in Newcastle was the first street in the world to be lit by electric lighting, illuminated by Joseph Swan’s incandescent bulb back in 1880. Over a century on, Newcastle was once again in the spotlight by having the ‘smartest’ street in the UK in 2018 for the Great Exhibition of the North.

Working in partnership with computer giant Cisco, Internet of Things sensors were installed in the Mosley Street area to control and monitor; intelligent lighting, smart parking, waste management, air quality and road maintenance.  
Longer term, we know that being able to access and share this type of live data can help us to deliver better services for our residents and create a better environment within the city.  In 2018 we published a new narrative for the city, recognising the huge opportunity that digital technology presents. We want to lead the digital revolution.

Technologies that make life more liveable. Data that’s there to empower us, to sharpen our choices and brighten our world. 

Newcastle is fast becoming the prime digital destination. We’re the fastest growing digital sector outside London, attracting entrepreneurs, innovators, start-ups and global companies.

The council’s budget has been reduced by over £250 million since 2010 while demand for services is increasing. Investing in digital is enabling the council to transform the way we deliver services to help reduce costs and improve efficiency. We have been highlighted nationally by organisations such as Microsoft for how we’re using cutting edge innovative technology such as Automated intelligence and machine learning to deliver services.

We’re also at the forefront when it comes to digital connectivity. The council, with the help of partners, rolled out free public WiFi in the city centre and in over 60 public buildings across the city. The project also helped increase the city’s superfast broadband coverage to 98%.

Nearby in North Tyneside is the UK’s largest purpose-built data centre as well as new fibre networks linking Newcastle to national and international networks. And then there’s the planned North Sea Connect project which will put Newcastle firmly on the global digital infrastructure map.

There’s lot we’re already doing and lots still to do. By joining together with the private, public and voluntary sectors we’ve created a louder voice and strength in numbers.

We want Newcastle to be a truly digital city which benefits the people and businesses based here.

Did you know?

Smart City activity could be worth £200million to Newcastle’s economy by 2020; an economy which already supports 25,000 digital and tech jobs.

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