Cultural and Creative Zone

Cultural and Creative Zone

The Clayton Street Corridor is Newcastle’s new Culture and Creative Zone.

Located in the heart of the conservation area, adjacent to the vibrant Grainger Market, and packed with architectural interest and a rich history, the Zone is at the forefront of the reinvention and revitalisation of Newcastle city centre. Already populated by a wealth of well-established cultural and creative organisations and with excellent communication and public transport links, our ambition is to make the area the destination in the North-East to develop a creative career – with a distinctive profile and ambience; workspace, skills and business development opportunities available cheek-by-jowl; and creative making, sharing, networking and social facilities on every street and street corner. 

Accessible and easily navigated by pedestrians, the Zone is close to the two universities, Newcastle College and the diverse communities of the west end of the city, and will appeal to, and support, artists and creative entrepreneurs who want to establish and develop practices and businesses that that will flourish in the future.

The programmes and opportunities provided by the Zone will be tailored:

  • to meet the needs of existing cultural operators
  • to attract and retain creative talent
  • to facilitate the development of a diverse and highly skilled creative workforce for the future
  • to champion the development of sustainable, low-carbon, cultural production, and
  • to catalyse the growth of the cultural economy and the wider economy of the city

They also aim to create a distinctive new cultural destination for participants, residents and visitors.

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