Net Zero Newcastle: 2030 Action Plan

Net Zero Newcastle: 2030 Action Plan

The Net Zero Newcastle: 2030 Action Plan presents our view of how the city can achieve its ambition to be carbon neutral within the next decade.

Our plan to reach net zero by 2030

Read our Net Zero Newcastle: 2030 Action Plan (PDF 9.6Mb).

Progress towards our target

Net Zero Newcastle priority actions update (April 2021 to August 2022). 

Net Zero Newcastle priority actions update (September 2020 to March 2021).

How the plan was created

In its creation, we have engaged with a diverse range of individuals and organisations from across the city to feed in different values, perspectives and backgrounds.

This Action Plan is a continuation and enhancement of the Climate Emergency Advisory Report which was presented and approved at Newcastle City Council's Cabinet in March 2020 and the previous reports setting out detailed proposals for multiple low carbon interventions, that has been presented to Climate Change Committee.

The Net Zero Newcastle - 2030 Action Plan is…

… a map of the key actions Newcastle will likely need to take in order to reach Net Zero status by 2030.

Based on what we know today, the Action Plan sets out the numerous actions that we think we must take to deliver the transition towards a Net Zero future by 2030.

There will be many other actions that will emerge over time that will need to be identified and progressed.

By setting out the actions in a clear and transparent way, we aim to focus the city residents, businesses and public sector organisations on a sequence of key actions that will allow us to achieve Net Zero 2030 and to be reflected in city and organisational plans.

… a document that sets out ways in which each of us can play our part in achieving the Net Zero commitment.

We know that no individual or organisation can deliver the city’s Net Zero commitment alone, and we must work together to enable everyone across the city to engage in a meaningful way and to understand the individual, collective and organisational changes that we must deliver together.

We have an ambitious programme of Net Zero interventions of what we as a council can influence through our policies, programmes, projects and services, but this fundamentally requires a whole city approach, with businesses, universities, the private sector, residents and communities going on this journey with us.

… in constant review.

The actions detailed in this plan will be reviewed, renewed and re-published online at the beginning of each calendar year through our Net Zero Newcastle page.

An annual progress report will be published at the beginning of each calendar year setting out the actions that have been delivered over the preceding year and confirming whether the actions that are proposed over the coming months and years remain relevant, appropriate and targeted in scale and structure for achieving Net Zero by 2030.

The 'Net Zero Newcastle - 2030 Action Plan' is not…

… the only carbon reduction plan within Newcastle.

We recognise organisations will continue to have their own plans and strategies and this plan should complement and support those.

… perfect.

This is our first iteration of the plan, prepared through extensive engagement across the city.

We expect that it will be reviewed and refined based on continuous feedback and further engagement, especially in light of the emerging social, economic and public health environment that we are all experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

… a list of firm commitments or instructions.

This plan sets out actions that we believe can deliver the city’s carbon reduction commitment.

It relies on a collaborative effort from organisations and individuals to decide how they will change their own activities to help achieve the city’s shared ambition.

We must work together, sharing knowledge and learning lessons that will allow us to collectively succeed.

… a barrier.

The plan isn’t intended to impose rules that stifle innovation and other work occurring in the city.

Far from that being the case, we want this plan to encourage others to come forward with their own initiatives and demonstrate leadership in the Net Zero transition.

… complete.

There will be no such thing as a ‘final version’ as it will be in constant review as real world events happen and new technologies and delivery methods become available.

An annual progress report will be published at the beginning of each calendar year.

Use our Net Zero action plan template

In the spirit of collaboration, the template for the plan is available here (145Mb)

We invite you to use any element to assist your own climate work, should you wish.

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