Climate Change

One of the five themes within our Council Plan is Environment: a clean, green and safe Newcastle. A core part of this theme involves addressing climate change.

In 2016 the council made a commitment to powering our city with 100% clean energy by 2050. We aim to deliver this whilst staying true to our wider core values of ensuring Newcastle is a fair, prosperous, outward-facing, innovative and vibrant city. We are guided by fairness, inclusion and social justice.

More recently on 3 April 2019 the council declared a Climate Emergency, meaning that the council has committed to a revised plan - setting a new target of making Newcastle carbon neutral by 2030.

Our Climate Change (Mitigation) Strategy (1,115 kB PDF) helps us identify projects we must develop over the next ten years to move towards our long-term ambitions. These are designed in the context of a growing city and recognising national trends. If we can develop this series of interventions by 2030 then we will be well on our way towards our city vision.

As we develop our programmes, projects and services we aim to protect residents from increasing costs and to help move towards a low carbon society. We also look to help businesses with tackling the causes of climate change, reducing costs and developing new market opportunities from the low carbon economy. Ensuring that the city has the right infrastructure to thrive in a decarbonised society is critical to our goals.

Clearly this work requires a collective approach; as local government adapts to new funding regimes we continue to strengthen our delivery partnerships to offer the right infrastructure and services to our residents and businesses. We are always keen to explore new ideas, technologies and partnerships to aid delivery of affordable, low carbon measures. 

Did you know?

Between 2005-2016, Newcastle's CO2 per capita has reduced by 38% and total overall consumption for Newcastle has reduced by 32%

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