Social media acceptable use policy

Social media acceptable use policy

Welcome to our social media channels. We want to create a positive and engaging space where people can connect with us, share their views and stay up to date with our latest news and services. 

To ensure that everyone can participate in a respectful and safe environment, we have established this Social Media Acceptable Use Policy.

By using our social media channels, you agree to comply with our guidelines and the terms and conditions of the social network.

Our social media channels are moderated and we reserve the right to remove any content that violates our guidelines. If a user violates our guidelines three times, we reserve the right to ban them from our social media channels, so please follow these guidelines and help us create a positive community experience.

  • Respectful and Appropriate Language: Users must use respectful and appropriate language when posting comments, and avoid any language or content that is offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, libellous or threatening.
  • No Spamming or Advertising: Users may not post spam, advertisements, or any other form of commercial solicitation on our social media channels.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: Users must respect the privacy and confidentiality of others, and not post any personal or confidential information about others without their consent.
  • No Illegal Activities: Users must not engage in any illegal activities or advocate for any illegal actions on our social media channels.

We reserve the right to modify or update these guidelines at any time without notice.

Following and sharing content

We believe that our social media accounts should reflect the values and interests of our community, and to achieve this, we have developed a clear following and sharing policy.

We only follow accounts that are relevant and useful to the council, but this does not necessarily mean we endorse any individual or organisation or any comments they make. Following an account does not constitute an endorsement or agreement with their views or opinions.

Similarly, we only retweet or share content that we believe will be helpful or interesting to our followers, or if it aligns with the council's values and objectives. This means that we carefully consider the content we share, and do not endorse or agree with every post or opinion expressed by the account or individual.


Please take care not to make defamatory statements. In law this means a statement that lowers the reputation of a person or organisation in the eyes of a reasonable person. By publishing such a statement we can both get into serious trouble. We will therefore take down any statement that could be deemed to be defamatory.

Pre-election period

In the six week run up to an election - local, general or European - councils have to be very careful not to do or say anything that could be seen in any way to support any political party or candidate.  We will continue to publish important service announcements using social media but may have to remove responses if they are overtly party political.

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