Press office and media

Press office and media

Press Office Desk - 0191 211 5099. We operate from 9am to 6pm.

Our press officers are working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic and are unable to take calls on the usual number. To submit an enquiry, please email 

For urgent press enquiries out of hours phone 07766442597 and ask to be put in touch with the duty press officer. Please note this is for members of the press only. 

Media and publicity protocols

Newcastle City Council has a press office within the Communications and Marketing section which should be the first port of call for all media enquiries. Trained and experienced staff are able to respond to all calls and where appropriate arrange interviews with members and senior officers.

The unit also monitors calls and retains information on responses to ensure accuracy and consistency. Monitoring of calls and coverage also helps to provide the council with information - statistics and patterns of media interest in areas of council activity and overall coverage.

The council’s media policy reflects the organisation’s policy aims including the way we expect employees and members to behave and the culture we strive to achieve.

The media policy is therefore to be:

  • open
  • transparent
  • honest
  • proactive and assertive
  • helpful to the media in facilitating photograph opportunities, interviews and other reasonable requests

The Press Office will

  • promote the reputation of the organisation
  • respond quickly and effectively to media enquiries
  • respect the confidential nature of information which is retained by the council on individual cases or other matters which are officially specified as confidential.

We also welcome anyone who wishes to report on any public meeting and we will provide all reasonable facilities to those wishing to report, film, tweet or blog about any aspect of a meeting which is open to the public.

Filming Requests 

The first stage of any filming request is to email the Press Office detailing the date, time, location of the filming, size of the crew and reason for filming request. Emergency contact details for a member of the crew will also be required. 

The Press Office, along with colleagues in Streetworks and our Events team, are happy to help coordinate filming requests for highways and public spaces across the city. We ask anyone hoping to film to adhere to the guidance detailed below. Filming in any private locations, including Central Station, Metro stations and Eldon Square, must be organised directly with their own building management and operations teams. Please ensure you keep to the footpaths at all times, in a manner that allows pedestrians to pass safely, without having to go into the road to pass you

  • Do not leave equipment, regardless of size or value, unattended 
  • At no point can a vehicle park on the footpath, even to load or unload equipment
  • All parking restrictions and traffic signs must be adhered to
  • You do not have permission to stop traffic or pedestrians
  • There are plenty of public car parks across Newcastle where you and your crew can park, please follow this link for locations 
  • Please ensure you contact Northumbria Police to inform them of your plans by calling 0191 214 655 or emailing 

If your filming request requires the closure of a highway or public space, the use of a drone or additional equipment please contact the Press Office who would be happy to assist you further with this request and explore options available. 

Information regarding filming in one of Newcastle's Parks can be found here

Social media

You can stay up to date with the latest information from us through social media. We provide alerts and updates on service changes and disruptions, live tweet election results and some of our council meetings, publicity campaigns and consultations.

Find out more about how we use social media here.

Social media acceptable use

The council's social networks were set up to provide information on news, events and jobs for residents, businesses and visitors. You can find out more about our social media policies here.

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