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Byelaws - Blue Carpet Square - Prohibition of Skateboarding etc.

Byelaws made under section 235 of the Local Government Act 1972 by the Council of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne for the good rule and government of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne and for the prevention and suppression of nuisances.

1. Interpretation

"the Council" means the Council of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne.


2. These byelaws apply to the specified parts of New Bridge Street West, Newcastle upon Tyne designated in the Schedule to the byelaws and hereinafter referred to as the "designated areas".


3. No person shall skate, slide or ride on rollers, skateboards, wheels, mechanical contrivances or other equipment in a designated area.


4. All of the land comprising New Bridge Street West between its junctions with John Dobson Street and Oxford Street and including the area known as "Blue Carpet Square", Newcastle upon Tyne and bounded by Higham Place and Back Higham Place.


5. Any person offending against byelaw 3 shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 2 on the standard scale.


The Common Seal of the Council of The City of Newcastle upon Tyne was hereunto affixed this 21st day of October 2002 in the presence of:

J. Marshall, Lord Mayor

V. A. Dodds, Head of Legal Services

The foregoing byelaws are hereby confirmed by the Secretary of State and shall come into operation on the 24th day of January 2003.

Signed by the authority of the Secretary of State

P. Roswell
Senior Civil Servant
in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
London, SW1E 5DU

19 December 2002


Blue Carpet

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