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A local authority can make its own byelaws - these are laws that only apply to its area. It can only make byelaws where an Act of Parliament gives a power to make them and they need have the approval of the Secretary of State.


Newcastle City Council has made byelaws including the following:


Bath Lane - Prohibition of Skateboarding etc - 2004

Blue Carpet Square - Prohibition of Skateboarding etc - 2003

Byelaws for the regulation of Cycling and Vehicles on the Town Moor - 1999

Byelaws for the regulation of the Bigg Market - 1987

The Civic Centre - Prohibition of Skateboarding etc - 1998

Controlling Acupuncture, Tattooing, Ear-Piercing and Electrolysis - 2009

Eldon Garden Walkways - 1994

Eldon Square Development Walkways - 1984

Eldon Square (High Friars Ext.) Walkways - 1987

Employment of Children - 1999

Good rule and Government of the City - 1978

Grainger Market  - 1990

Hackney Carriages - 1983

Libraries - 2006

Old Eldon Square - Prohibition of Skateboarding etc - 1999

Quayside Sunday  Market - 1991

Regulation of Swimming Baths or Bathing Places - 1980

South African War Memorial, Haymarket - Prohibition of Skateboarding etc -2003

St Mary's Cathedral Area - Prohibition of Skateboarding etc - 2003

Thornton Street - Prohibition of Skateboarding etc - 2006

Urinating and Defecating in a Public Place - 2003




Byelaws - Penalties for Offence


Penalties for an offence may have changed since the byelaw was first introduced.

Current penalties




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