Public Health Funerals Data

Public Health Funerals Data

We have a duty to dispose of a deceased body under the provisions of the National Assistance and the Public Health (Control of Disease) Acts 1948, if the person who died has no assets or if there are no relatives who can make funeral arrangements.

Hospitals and care homes may also be able to help if the person dies while in their care. Initial contact is usually through the Coroner.

If the next of kin is known, contact will be made to establish if they will accept responsibility. Legal responsibility for married couples rests with the spouse, and for children it rests with the parents.

We will only provide a basic funeral and will not pay for the following:

  • Notices in newspapers
  • Flowers
  • Transport (other than the hearse)

Where no one is prepared to accept responsibility for the funeral, we will require details of the deceased assets and recover the costs if there are sufficient funds available.

If known, the deceased's wishes will be observed, for example, cremation as opposed to burial. However, if a burial is undertaken it will be in an un-purchased grave and therefore no headstone can be erected.



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