Libraries data sets

Libraries data sets

In Newcastle Libraries we are endeavouring to open up as much of our data as possible. As library workers sharing and facilitating access to knowledge and information is part of our role; here we apply this principle to the information we collect about your library service. We believe that we are only the custodians of this information, and by publishing it in the public domain (under CC0) we are simply giving it back to you.

About Newcastle Libraries' data

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To the extent possible under law, Newcastle Libraries has waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to its data published on the platforms mentioned below. This data is published from: United Kingdom.

 If there is any additional data you would like us to release then please contact David Hepworth via to discuss it.

You are under no obligation to do so, but since we know you will make great things with our data we would love for you to tell us about them – cheers!

The data sets

We are now publishing our data sets both on the Data Mill North and on GitHub. On the Data Mill you will find data sets we have "tidied up" and for which we have created notes explaining what the data refers to. These data sets relate to the following topics (click on the link to go straight to the relevant page on the Data Mill website): 

In our GitHub repository you will find the same files as on the Data Mill plus some others that we have not had time to work on.

If you are interested in particular data sets and need more information about them, please do get in touch.

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