CCTV procedure for the release of evidence

CCTV procedure for the release of evidence

Newcastle City Council has over 900 CCTV cameras in a range of public places and buildings. They are installed in and around major Council buildings, such as the Civic Centre, Libraries, Leisure Centres, Parks and Car Parks. The cameras have been located to prevent or detect crime and criminal activity, and to increase community safety and neighbourhoods.


All CCTV recordings are treated with the utmost confidentiality, and access is controlled to only those staff who are authorised, and who need access to them.  In line with the Data Protection Act 1998, CCTV images are only kept for as long as is deemed necessary to meet the purpose of the systems.


Members of the public may request to see any images of them that are held on the City Council's systems. A request should:


  • Be in writing (telephone requests will be accepted as long as they are subsequently confirmed in writing)
  • Provide full details of the person making the request, and give specific places, dates and times on which they believe their image was recorded
  • Provide either a certified photograph of individual, or a detailed description

Requests will be acknowledged, and we will respond to the request as soon as possible.


We may refuse the request where to disclose the images would reveal details of a third party who has not consented to the disclosure, or where the information would prejudice the prevention or detection of crime. Requests may also be refused if the information provided is insufficient or not precise enough to enable staff to find the images.


Request form for staff to complete


Draft acknowledgement letter


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