We want to make sure we know how many disabled children or children with special needs that greatly affect their every day life live in the city. This is something all councils have to do. It will help us improve services now and in the future. By being on the register we can also keep you informed of what services are available and how you can get involved if you want to.

Do I have to register my child?

No registering is voluntary and details of your child can not be added without your permission.

There is a form to fill in but you can chose which questions you answer.

By registering your child you are helping us develop services for disabled children and young people which are responsive to their needs.

Download the Disabled Children's Register form here.

Is it for my child?

Yes if your child :

  • has a special need from either a disability or a health condition
  • has a long term illness
  • needs help with personal care
  • needs help with communicating their needs and feelings
  • gets Disability Living Allowance
  • is under 18 years old; and
  • lives in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Then please join our register!

What will families get out of The Disabled Children's Register?

Being part of the Disabled Children's Register is not a way of being assessed for services and will not provide or take away any services for you or your child.

Registering will give you and your family the chance to comment on the services you do or don't get. It is a way for you to tell us what you think could make a difference, and pass on your views to service planners and decision makers. It is a way for us to pass on information to you.

We will:

  • Give you a Max Card which you can use to get discounts into various cultural venues across the region.
  • let you know how we have used your information every year at our annual parent-carer conference
  • send you our newsletter
  • keep you updated on what Children's Services can offer you
  • update you about new developments in services for disabled children
  • Inform you of ways you can get involved.

Joining up is your opportunity to be involved in influencing how services are planned and delivered.

Comment from a parent-carer

"As a parent, being on the receiving end of lots of different services gives you insight into where gaps might be and how teams and services work differently. This is why parents are the best people to be involved in service planning."

Where and how is The Disabled Children's Register information kept?

The information you provide is held confidentially and securely on computer with Newcastle City Council. We will send you a copy of your information if you want.

Every year, we will ask you about any changes and update your record.

Who would see this information?

Any reports we produce will be used for planning and developing services. They will never identify any child or family as only the facts and figures are used.

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In line with Aiming High for Disabled Children Disability Matters, the participation newsletter for parents and carers of disabled children and young people has been developed. There will be a spring, summer, autumn and winter edition. The Newsletter is linked to the Disabled Childrens Register. It is a way for Children's Services to pass on information about developments in services for disabled children and what they offer for parents and carers of disabled children. It is also a way for parents to raise issues and ask questions.

How do I register?

Complete the Disabled Children's Register online form

Where can I get further information?

Sharon Hand
Email: disabled.childrens.register@newcastle.gov.uk
Phone: 0191 277 4700

Page last updated: 
22 January 2018
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