Smoke Free Newcastle is a partnership of organisations and agencies who are working together to reduce the impact of smoking across Newcastle.

Smoke Free Newcastle Plan

The key targets of Smoke Free Newcastle are to:

  • Reduce exposure to second hand smoke by supporting and encouraging all workplaces and public places to remain smoke free.
  • Provide free NHS stop smoking support to people wishing to quit.
  • Support and develop public education and media campaigns that aim to give the public more information on the dangers of second hand smoke. Further work will also be undertaken to prevent young people from taking up smoking.
  • Reduce the availability and supply of tobacco products by working with the HM Revenue and Customs to tackle tobacco smuggling and taking action to reduce illegal sales to under 18's.
  • Reduce the promotion of tobacco by enforcing the law on tobacco advertising.

Smoke Free Newcastle annually monitors and evaluates the performance of all partners. See the 2017-2018 Monitoring Report (pdf 615 kb) and the 2018-2019 Q2 Report ( pdf 531 kb).    

Help to stop smoking

If you would like to give up smoking, free help is available from the Newcastle Stop Smoking Service. Please contact them on 0191 2691103 to find out where your nearest stop smoking session is. More information and tips on quitting smoking can be found at NHS   

The role of Trading Standards

The City Council's Trading Standards service is involved in several key areas, including:

Tackling illegal tobacco

Illegal tobacco products threaten to undermine efforts to tackle smoking. The regional programme of work has resulted in less illegal tobacco being bought and sold on our streets, fewer people turning a blind eye and more action to bring sellers to justice. Any intelligence on illegal tobacco can be sent through to the Trading Standards service. Telephone: (0191) 2116121. Email:

Smoke free law and how to comply

All enclosed public spaces and work places in England are subject to Smoke Free Legislation. Local councils are responsible for enforcing the law in England. Smoke Free England has produced a quick guide to the smoke free law, including the penalties and fines.

Smoke Free England has also produced a guide for businesses and employers. There is no legal requirement for businesses to provide dedicated external areas for customers who wish to smoke. However, when considering the need for provision of an outside area for customers, relevant licensing and planning issues will need to be addressed.

To see a very useful guide as published by Parliament on all the various legislative requirements around smoke free legislation go to Guidance (pdf 193 kb)

Shisha Cafes

To see the approach now adopted by the City Council to the important issues related to the legislative provisions applicable to development and operation of Shisha cafes go to our webpage Shisha Cafes.

Smoking in vehicles

To see more detailed information on the implications of the law that now impacts on anyone smoking in a vehicle go to our webpage Smoking in vehicles

Useful links

For more information on the work of SmokeFree Newcastle please contact Judith MacMorran, Health Improvement Practitioner (Advanced), Wellbeing, Care & Health, City of Newcastle upon Tyne,  Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH. Phone: 0191 2115509.

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22 January 2019
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