Community Champions

Community Champions

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Community Champions

The Community Champion network is made up of a wide range of volunteers from across the city, helping everyone to stay up to date with the latest information so they can protect themselves and others against the Covid-19.

It is now more important than ever to ensure that the people of Newcastle are familiar with the latest guidance as we adjust to the new ‘normality’ of space, sanitising and optional mask wearing. All of which aim to keep us safe, and supports the recovery phase of our great city.

Our Current Ask

Champions were initially recruited to share key Public Health messages with their families, friends and broader networks, to help us reach communities that might not typically engage with the council.

Over time the role evolved and our Champions now enjoy an established, two-way dialogue with the council and our partners. Helping us to understand how guidance is being received, how best to communicate key information, and what is causing our communities any concerns.

As we continue to roll-out our important vaccination programme and support local businesses through the recovery phase, we see our Champions as instrumental in this work. That is why we are looking for even more people who are available to volunteer and help us.

Typical Duties

The following is a list of activities you might be involved with as a Community Champion. Some are mandatory but others are optional. 

Community Champions
Undertake the Induction Session and sign and return Induction Pack documentsYes
Receive the latest Public Health information and guidanceYes
Share information with friends, family, neighbours, and communities in a timely fashionYes
Talk about the Community Champion role and encourage others to sign upYes
Let us know in what ways you and your contacts would like to be contacted with information and guidanceYes
Be a positive role model and Public Health advocateYes
Let us know what you and your contacts would like to know from usYes
Support other Community ChampionsYes
Complete additional training that could help you in your role of Community ChampionOptional but encouraged
Attend regular online Community Champion meetingsOptional but encouraged
Attend events and take part in promotional activities (which are Covid-compliant and when it is safe to do so)Optional but encouraged
Gather feedback from the community and reactions to key Public Health messagesOptional but encouraged
Provide feedback from self and/or wider community about recovery and/or other issues that impact communitiesOptional but encouraged
Consider future opportunities to Champion public service key messages  Optional but encouraged
Share non Covid-19 key messaging about recovery and/or other issues that impact communitiesOptional but encouraged 

Who we're looking for

Community Champions are people who live or work in Newcastle that want to make a difference in their communities.

Essential Criteria

You must:

  • Live or work in Newcastle
  • Be over 18 years old or have parental consent to get involved


It would be helpful if you can meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Be able to receive emails
  • Be able to access Teams meetings (Teams have a free version and we can help you set this up if you need help)
  • Have access to a mobile phone 

Please note these requirements are desirable and not essential. Our Champions programme aims to be accessible to all so get in touch if:

  • communication would need to be offline and/or in an alternative format
  • you would like support to get online
  • you would like help to improve your digital knowledge and skills 

Champion pledge

The purpose of the Community Champion scheme is to help ensure that residents across Newcastle hear correct and consistent information about Covid-19 to help keep them safe. We recognise that there is often debate and sometimes disagreement, but our role is to tell people what the rules are so they can work out how to apply them to their everyday lives. Therefore, as a Community Champion, you are asked to sign a pledge, which requires that any information or advice you circulate comes from the council or the government. You do not make political statements in respect of the Covid-19 arrangements.  You do not debate the merits of the guidance, or criticise the government, council, or partners – if somebody is incorrect, simply signpost to the correct information. This is to ensure that key messages are not undermined.  You must not apply your own interpretation of the guidelines – if in doubt, please ask the council for clarification.

What you’ll get as a Champion

  • weekly e-bulletin of latest information and guidance
  • factual social media messages you can share
  • option to join our Champions WhatsApp group
  • invitation to a minimum of one online meeting a month to share your views, ask questions and hear the latest from Public Health
  • access to free training (accredited and non-accredited)
  • payment of reasonable expenses incurred as a direct result of fulfilling your Champion role

Champions Legacy

The Community Champions programme is all about Covid-19 but we do anticipate as we move forward, opportunities to be involved as Champion to support other Health and Social priorities that impact our communities. As a Community Champion it is up to you if you wish to be involved in non-Covid engagement.

Sign up

If you are ready to sign up to be a Community Champion please complete the online application form. A member of staff from Newcastle Council or one of our partner organisations will then be in touch.

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