Section 204 of the Act provides for a person to make an application to the licensing authority for a Provisional Statement in respect of premises that s/he:

  • expects to be constructed;
  • expects to be altered; or
  • expects to acquire a right to occupy.

Unlike a Premises Licence application, a person can apply for a Provisional Statement without having an Operating Licence from the Gambling Commission or a right to occupy the premises.

As well as providing a level of assurance as to the outcome of a subsequent Premises Licence application, a Provisional Statement also provides the holder with some protection against representations when they make an application for a Premises Licence in relation to the premises for which they hold a Provisional Statement.

Responsible authorities must be notified within a period of 7 days beginning on the date on which the application is made.

Notification/Advertising of the Application

The Act and Regulations made under the Act require that in the case of an application under section 159 for a premises licence or under section 204 for a provisional statement, or under section 187 to vary a premises licence, the applicant must publish notice of his application.

Objections to Gambling Premises Applications

Should a responsible authority or interested party wish to object or comment upon a gambling premises application, they are entitled to make representation.  This will require a written statement outlining opinion and actions believed to be appropriate.

Representations must be made within 28 days beginning on the date on which the application was made to the licensing authority.

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5 November 2014
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