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Review of Homelessness Prevention and Relief Services (2019)

Review of Homelessness Prevention and Relief Services (2019)

In 2014, Newcastle City Council commissioned “Crisis Response – Homelessness Prevention” services to enable accommodation and support to be provided in the context of four ‘service systems’:  

  • Support for single homeless people, couples and homeless families including those with multiple needs (such as, but not limited to, those with problematic drug and alcohol use, offending behaviour, mental health problems, learning disabilities, refugees, older homeless people, veterans)  
  • Support for young people aged 16-24 at risk, including those with chaotic lives, care leavers, teenage parents, and young LGBT people  
  • Support for people with mental health problems who need housing related support associated with their mental health needs   
  • Support for people who are multiply excluded 


Through this commissioning activity, several partnerships were established to deliver crisis response and homelessness prevention services, and these ‘service systems’ continue to provide useful opportunities for collaboration. We have therefore continued to use these ‘service systems’ when considering the contract opportunities for 2019. 


The review during 2018/19 included consultation and engagement including with current providers, current and potential service users and the public. The feedback from this exercise informed an Integrated Impact Assessment to outline our proposals for the future commissioning and service delivery model for Homelessness Prevention and Relief Services.

Consultation and engagement presentations:

Co-production design sessions held August/September 2018

Specific service area design sessions held November 2018


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