Andrew McKegney
By Andrew McKegney

Senior Staff Writer

23 March 2020

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NHS heroes to get free car parking

Newcastle City Council threw its weight behind the fight against Coronavirus today by offering 700 free car parking spaces to NHS staff.


Civic Centre
Civic Centre

This story was published in March. For the latest information on parking, please go here

Eight car parks – a mix of surface and multi-storeys - will be handed over to staff at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in the frontline saving lives.

Leader of Newcastle City Council, Nick Forbes, said: “Staff at the RVI have been involved in treating patients with COVID-19 for several weeks now. They are doing an amazing job in very challenging circumstances which is only expected to get worse as the virus spreads.

“We want to do all that we can to help our brave doctors and nurses so have decided to hand over eight car parks so they can park for free. They should not have to worry about parking when they have all of this to deal with.

“This is just one example of the city council working with partners to reduce the spread of this invisible enemy. I would like to urge everyone to observe the social distancing rules, so they do not add to the burden of what our hospitals are having to deal with.

“Please do not go out unless you really have to and if you can’t avoid it then keep at least two metres away from each other. This, and washing your hands thoroughly, are the best things you can do to help our amazing NHS.”

The car parks were chosen for their proximity to the RVI.

All spaces will be used by critical care staff. Those eligible will have been, or will be, notified of the new arrangements.

The car parks given over to the NHS are:

Stadium (NUFC public) MSCP - 150 spaces

Eldon Garden MSCP - 100 spaces

Morden Street - 50 spaces

Leazes Park Road - 20 spaces

Terrace Place - 20 spaces

Claremont Road - 50 spaces

Eldon Square MSCP - 50 spaces

Oxford MSCP - 60 spaces