Helen Ames
By Helen Ames

Senior Staff Writer

18 November 2022

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New NSPCC partnership to help mums and dads with new babies across the city

A major new campaign has launched in Newcastle, to support mums, dads and carers for babies across the city.

Smiling baby and mother
Smiling baby and mother

Look, Say, Sing, Play is a free programme which offers weekly tips direct to your phone, computer or table, and can help young minds develop thanks to games and activities based on proven brain science.

Cllr Sylvia Copley, Cabinet member for a Growing City, Newcastle City Council, said: "Research has shown how important it is to give babies opportunities to nourish their minds through activities to help brain development. Parents and carers have vital role to play in this through every 2-way interaction they have with their baby. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how best to engage babies and think of new things to do with them. That's where Look, Say, Sing, Play can help, and that's why we are so pleased to be launching this campaign across the city"

The basics of the campaign are straightforward. Parents and carers are encouraged to Look at what their baby is focusing on and how they react, Say what they’re doing and copy the sounds their baby makes, Sing along to their favourite tune and Play simple games and see what their baby enjoys.

Helen Westerman, head of local campaigns for the NSPCC, said: “Look, Say, Sing, Play is a terrific campaign, and gives new parents the confidence to have fun with their babies, safe in the knowledge that every song they sing or game they play will help develop their brain.

“You don’t need fancy or expensive toys to take part, every time you use silly voices, play or just sing with a baby, you’re helping their mind grow. More than that, you’re also helping to develop a powerful bond with the baby, which could last a lifetime. Anyone can sign up for the free sessions and emails, and we’re really excited to be launching Look, Say, Sing, Play in Newcastle.”

Look, Say, Sing, Play will be promoted by childcare professionals and Early Years specialists across the city, but anyone can sign up to receive the free brain-building tips via Look, Say, Sing, Play - Brain-building tips | NSPCC

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