13 January 2020

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Newcastle East End Football Club

Every Year NEEFC look for ways to give back to the local community and it is important for the club to provide a hub that is not just for the footballers, but a hub that includes boys and girls of all ages, inclusion football teams and senior and veteran teams.

This year Charlie Scott, Club Vice Chairman has decided to try and help the local homeless community and those that are currently in crises shelters by providing new ward clothing to help them over the winter.

What Charlie didn't count on was the sheer scale of what happened next, when volunteers at the club found out what he was planning to do for a day, people were invited  to the club and staff were on hand to give them a hot meal, tea and coffees as well as access to hot showers and a chiropractor.  One of the most popular activities was the option of free haircuts by one of the staff, some of the before and after pictures were worlds apart.

At the end of the event Charlie and the staff handed out free t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and jackets to everyone that had attended and around 35 people benefitted from the good will of the club and Charlie was delighted with how the day was received.  Charlie said 'we always want to help out where we can and the smiles on peoples faces today made it all worthwhile, its not just about football here we want to make a real difference  in our community'.

Well done