Local Lettings Plans

Local Lettings Plans

The Housing Act 1996 allows housing authorities to allocate accommodation to people of a particular description by means of Local Lettings Plans.These properties can be of a generalised type, for example bungalows,  in a specific location in the city, for example a block or blocks of flats or by area or estate or for specialised accommodation.

Local Lettings Plans may be used to:

  • Help meet particular unmet needs within an area.
  • Help regenerate areas.
  • Help to target the best use of properties in higher demand areas.
  • Help promote properties which are in low demand.
  • Encourage greater community cohesion and sustainability.
  • Respond to particular housing management issues where problems of antisocial behaviour, nuisance or crime occur, and where there may be an imbalance of customers from different age groups or family type within existing properties.
  • Help achieve balanced communities when letting new developments.

All Local Lettings Plans will be subject to an equality impact assessment, and regular review. Details of the Local Lettings Plan process are available on request

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