What is Community Fostering?

Our Foster Carer, Liz, talks about what is required in the role of Community Foster Carer

Community Fostering is a service that is provided by the Fostering community fostering heart.JPGdepartment of Newcastle City Council.

Community Foster Carers are allocated a family to support after a referral has been made by the family’s social worker, the family may already be on a child protection or child in need plan.  The support could be up to a period of 12 weeks, up to 3 sessions weekly.

The role varies and depends on what issues have been identified by the social worker. This could mean I will be expected to encourage parents or guardians of the children to set boundaries, get the children up in the morning and organised for school. I will likely have to advise them about appropriate routines, give them positive feedback, guidance and support. All of which is to hopefully avoid children being taken into foster care.

As a Community Foster Carer, you need to have the confidence to work within this professional body. This is likely to include sharing vital information in meetings, most probably in front of the parents, whether this is positive feedback or concerning behaviour. You will have access to the family home and after every session you must accurately record achievements successes and concerns; these documents could be used in court cases if required.

This is a valuable service offered to families who are often struggling with day to day strains of balancing general life and children and I love my work in this role. It allows me to take all the experience I have as a carer and use it to prevent children from needing foster care, so they can stay at home, but hopefully in a more stable and safer environment.

If you'd like to make a difference to the life of a child or family, contact us today and begin your community fostering journey.