Registration law change

The following statutory services will be chargeable from 1 November 2017. 

  • All short birth certificates
  • Changes or additions of a forename to a birth registration
  • Correcting an error on a birth, death marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • Clearances of a divorce from any country other than UK
  • Applications to reduce the 28 day notice period for marriage or civil partnership

Registration Services Fees 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018

New statutory fees, applicable from 1 November 2017


Short birth certificate (at the time of registration)**                                                                           £4

Death/Marriage/Civil Partnership certificate (at time of registration)                                                £4

Standard certificate – (open register)                                                                                               £8

Standard certificate – (closed register)                                                                                             £11

Priority certificate (open register)                                                                                                      £22

Priority certificate (closed register)                                                                                                   £25

Charge for posting out certificate                                                                                                     £1


Marriage and Civil Partnership fees

Notice of marriage or civil partnership                                                                                             £35

Notice of marriage or civil partnership – referred                                                                            £47

Certificate of no impediment                                                                                                           £35

Reduction to the 28 day notice period (waiver)**                                                                           £60 per person

Notice of marriage or civil partnership for a housebound person                                                   £47

Attending a marriage or civil partnership for a housebound person                                              £84

Notice of marriage or civil partnership for a detained person                                                        £68

Attending a marriage or civil partnership for a detained person                                                    £94

Application to clear a divorce from any country other than the UK**
            by Newcastle Register Office                                                                                            £50
            by the General Register Office                                                                                          £75

Application to correct a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificate**
            by Newcastle Register Office                                                                                            £75
            by the General Register Office                                                                                          £90


Ceremony fees

All ceremonies

Non- refundable booking fee required for all ceremonies                                                              £30

Deposit required for Haymarket Room and Approved Premises bookings                                    £70

Administration fee for changes to ceremony bookings                                                                  £30


Marriage and Civil Partnership ceremonies

Register Office – Monday-Saturday                                                                                               £50

Haymarket Room – Monday-Thursday                                                                                           £163

Haymarket Room – Friday-Saturday                                                                                              £173

Approved Premises – Monday-Thursday                                                                                       £355

Approved premises – Friday-Saturday                                                                                           £408

Approved Premises – Sundays and Bank Holidays                                                                       £502

Attendance at a church wedding                                                                                                    £90

All the above fees include 1 copy of the marriage or civil partnership certificate


Baby Naming and Renewal of Vows ceremonies

Haymarket Room – Monday-Thursday                                                                                          £163

Haymarket Room – Friday-Saturday                                                                                              £173

Approved Premises – Monday-Thursday                                                                                       £188

Approved premises – Friday-Saturday                                                                                           £245

Approved Premises – Sundays and Bank Holidays                                                                       £350

Fee for each additional sibling at a baby naming ceremony                                                          £50

A reduction will apply if two external ceremonies follow each other eg
 a wedding followed by a baby naming ceremony at the same venue                                           £50


Civil Partnership Conversion fees

Administrative ceremony in the Register Office – Monday-Saturday (incl certificate)                    £49

When combined with a civil ceremony
            conversion fee                                                                                                                    £27
            venue fee                                                                                                                           As relevant


Citizenship and Nationality fees

Nationality Checking Service
            Adult                                                                                                                                   £76
            Child                                                                                                                                   £36

Joint Checking and Passport Service                                                                                            £12

Private Citizenship Ceremony                                                                                                        £137


Religious Premises

Certification of a building as a place of worship                                                                              £29

Registration of a building for the solemnization of marriage                                                           £123

Registration of a building for the solemnization of marriage of same sex couples                         £64


Other fees

To change or add a forename to a birth registration within 12 months of registration**                 £40

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16 November 2017
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