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Support for our carers

Our Shared Lives carers are at the heart of our scheme, without them we wouldn’t be able to offer the service. We will provide as much support as you need from the point you decide to become a carer all the way through the assessment process to the care you provide in your own home.

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How we will support you

The Shared Lives team will be responsible for supporting you and the people who are living with you long term or having a short break with you.

They will provide:

  • regular support through routine visits where they'll have a discussion about how it is going and check that everything is ok
  • a carers handbook full of advice, hints and tips
  • advice via telephone and email
  • ongoing training
  • We shall discuss membership of Shared Lives Plus, a national organisation that offers guidance and advice
  • an entitlement to 28 nights annual leave (break from supporting the person) per year. All short breaks are planned in agreement with the Shared Lives Service team


Mandatory training is an essential requirement for all Shared Lives carers within the first 12 months of approval, with an expectation to attend refresher training thereafter.

No formal qualifications are required, but you will be expected to attend identified training


You will be paid a fee of £505 per week  for supporting a person on a long term basis. 

Short breaks and day support are paid on a pro rata basis

You will be working from your own home and be regarded as self employed

 The fee includes a contribution towards covering food and utility bills of the person you are supporting

There are specific tax rules for some Shared Lives carers and an amount of what they receive is exempt from tax dependent on additional earnings. More details will be provided to you once you become an approved Shared Lives carer.