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Good News Story Steve and Chris (names changed)

Steve, who has a learning disability, came to be fostered with Chris after a very difficult upbringing when he was 9 years old. A really good thing about Shared Lives is a young person can live on with a Foster Carer after they are 18 if they need to and it is suitable for everyone. Steve is in his late 20’s and still lives with Chris. This suits Steve who continues to make big steps forward by sharing his life with Chris. It has taken a long time and a lot of patience from Chris to help Steve sleep. Steve’s speech has improved dramatically over the years. Chris has helped Steve to learn how to eat well and coached him in developing courtesy and good manners with others.

Steve is very much part of Chris’s extended family visiting Chris’s daughters and being part of their family life too. When Chris goes away for a break, her daughter supports Steve by  moving in for the week’s Chris is away. It took a while to find what Steve really wanted to do as an adult and through patience and careful learning Chris was able to help Steve try out several activities before hitting on what worked for him. Chris  has helped Steve to get connected to horse riding , drama, dancing and  art activities.

Steve brings a lot of joy to Chris and her family, he has a natural calmness which touches everyone he meets and they find it a pleasure to be with him. Chris feels rewarded that she sees Steve continue to grow and live a happy life. Chris receives £424 a week to share her life with Chris but the biggest reward is seeing how Steve has grown up to be a kind, happy young man.