How to change your browser settings

The ability to change the way your internet browser displays our webpages can be controlled within your internet browser itself. The BBC have created a very useful guide to the different ways you may be able to adjust your settings. Visit the My Web My Way website.


Browsealoud iconBrowseAloud is a computer program which reads aloud the content of our website, including PDFs and Microsoft Word documents. As you move the cursor over words, they are spoken aloud. It is free to use on our website. To activate browselaoud, click on the orange icon to the top right corner of the website and a toolbar will appear.  

Google Translate

In the footer of every page you will find a link to Google Translate, where you can change the language of our entire site.

We want your feedback

If you have any issues using our website, either with or without assistive software or technology, or would like to see additional functionality, please let us know by emailing

Page last updated: 
12 February 2018
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