We are ambitious for our city and its residents. We want Newcastle to be a fair, prosperous, outward-facing, innovative and vibrant city. Our city has beautiful green spaces, a thriving arts and cultural scene, dynamic businesses, great universities, a significant retail centre and an active community and voluntary sector. It benefits from strong national and international transport links.

But too many of our residents are not able to share in and benefit from the opportunities the city offers. We want this to be a city where everyone can succeed, and feel they have a stake in the future of the city – a city which acts as an exemplar for inclusive growth.

We have four very clear priorities for how we will focus our efforts and resources to make a positive difference to the city.

Our priorities are:

  • A working city: creating good quality jobs and helping local people develop the skills to do them.
  • Decent neighbourhoods: working with local communities to look after each other and the environment.
  • Tackling inequalities: tackling discrimination and inequalities which prevent people from fulfilling their true potential.
  • A fit for purpose council: a council which leads our city by enabling and empowering others to achieve.

This plan demonstrates how we will work to achieve our vision and priorities. This will won’t just involve us, but we will work with and alongside partners across the public, private and voluntary sectors as well as residents from across the city.

The context we are delivering in

Local government is undergoing a profound change across the country. We will be directly responsible for fewer services. Instead we will act as champion for the city, bringing together partners to access new resources to deliver jointly, and championing the city at national and international levels.


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7 September 2017
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