We provide and commission a vast array of services from collecting bins, looking after our most vulnerable children, supporting people back in to work and processing benefits, collecting Council Tax.

Our services are delivered by our great staff working in:

  • People Directorate – The People directorate brings together adult and children's social care, education, and leads on our commissioning and procurement with focus on tackling inequalities and supporting vulnerable people through all stages of their lives. There is a greater focus on prevention across the whole life course and integration with health.
  • Place Directorate – The Place directorate focuses on commercial and housing development, transport strategy and planning, development management, best use of our own property and assets, delivery of our £450m capital programme, economic development and regulatory services. It ensures that there is clear accountability for how we all work together to deliver the council's key priority - creating a working city.
  • Resources Directorate – The Resources directorate includes the services which enable and support the whole council including HR, IT, finance (including revenues and benefits), legal services, audit and insurance and business management. These support services help to ensure we are a fit for purpose council whilst remaining a large employer of choice.
  • Operations Division – The Operations division brings together the highly visible services to our people, communities and businesses including street services (refuse, cleansing and grounds maintenance), parking services, waste contracts, building maintenance and commercial works, civic management and facility services, markets and community hubs and library services. There is a focus on maintaining decent neighbourhoods.
  • Assistant Chief Executive Division – The Assistant Chief Executive’s division provides cross-cutting support for the organisation, including managing the democratic process and supporting council decision-making; engaging and communicating with residents and partners on the council’s activity and services; policy development; and using arts and culture to promote council objectives.
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8 September 2017
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