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Hate crime such as racist, homophobic, religious, transphobic or disability incidents should not happen, but they still do. Nobody should suffer because of who they are and nobody should put up with it. You can do something about it.

If you, your family or friends are having problems because of your 'race' or skin colour, this is a racist incident.

If you, your family or friends are having problems because of your sexual orientation or transgender identity, this is a homophobic or transphobic incident.

If you, your family or friends have been targeted because you have a disability then this is a disability hate crime.

Some types of these incidents, such as verbal abuse and threats are obvious. Other examples, such as damage to your property, bullying or rude gestures are harder to identify.

If you believe you have experienced a hate incident, even if you have no proof, report it.

What is ARCH?

ARCH is working to stop hate crime in Newcastle.

  • You can report a hate incident to ARCH. ARCH are third party reporting centres for hate incidents.
  • We are a group of organisations working together to get the right help to victims, and to take action against the attackers.
  • Everyone involved in ARCH will believe you and deal with an incident in the same way.
  • You decide what happens to your information, for example it can go to Victim Support and not to the police. You simply say yes to those you want help from.

How is ARCH different?

  • With just one telephone call you can get help from a range of organisations including: Your Homes Newcastle, the police, Victim Support, the Private Rented Project, ISOS, Streetwise, Mesmac and Outpost.
  • We all work together to get the best support to you and take action against the attackers. 
  • If you do not want to give your name and personal details you do not have to.

How do I report to ARCH?

Phone 0800 032 3288

  • This is available 24 hours a day and is free.
  • There is a translation service to over 100 languages.
  • You can report something that has happened to you, to someone else or about something you have seen.

If you would like more information about ARCH, please email

Page last updated: 
12 January 2017
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