Our Vision

Our vision is that Newcastle will be a vibrant and sustainable city. We will be a cosmopolitan city with a diverse and growing population. We want Newcastle's residents to enjoy equal chances in employment, education, housing and health. We aim to create an environment where families and people of all ages can be happy.  Newcastle is a 'City for Peace' and is committed to working for understanding, respect and harmony among all our people and communities. We will continue to welcome ever greater numbers to visit, live and work in our city.

Equality Policy

Equality policy

Community Cohesion

Community Cohesion Strategy (297kb)

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Policy (pdf, 1mb)
Domestic Violence Policy Summary for Managers (pdf, 143kb)

Equality Scheme

Equality Scheme 2009-2012 (pdf, 830kb)
Equality Scheme 2009-2012 Easy Read (pdf, 2,9mb)
Equality Scheme 2009-2012 Summary (pdf, 1.9mb)

Information for All

Information for All Policy

Newcastle Street Charter

Newcastle Street Charter (pdf, 2mb)

Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion Strategy (pdf, 255kb)

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29 March 2018
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