To vote in any UK election, you must be registered to vote. There are three different ways you can vote, vote in person at a polling station, vote by post or vote by proxy (where someone votes on your behalf).

Voting in person

You can vote in person at your polling station, details of which will be on your Poll Card that will be delivered before the election. Polling stations are open at 7am and close at 10pm. To avoid queues, or missing out on your vote, make sure you know which polling station you need to go to by checking the details on your poll card or contacting Electoral Services on 0191 278 78 78 or email

Voting by post

Anyone who is registered to vote can apply to have their vote sent to their home, or any other address, on a permanent basis for any reason. Postal votes are usually sent out 1-2 weeks before the day of election.

For a permanent Postal Vote application form please contact Electoral Services on the contact details at the bottom of this page or download the Postal Vote application form (pdf, 99kb)

You can also apply to have a postal vote temporarily.  You may wish to apply for a temporary postal vote if you know you are going to be on holiday on the day of the election or unable to attend the polling station.  You may also want your vote to be sent to a different address for that particular election (i.e. holiday address).

Here is a Temporary Postal Vote application form (pdf, 159kb) for the upcoming elections due to be held on Thursday 5 May 2016 and the EU referendum which will be held on Thursday 23 June 2016.  You can choose to have a postal vote for one and not the other, for example if you know you are on holiday on the 23 June you may wish to vote by post, whereas you know and may prefer to vote at the polling station on the 5 May.

Voting by proxy

A proxy vote is where you can appoint someone to vote on your behalf (a proxy).

Permanent proxy voting is only available to certain people on the grounds of health, employment or full-time education commitments. The form may need to be supported by a suitably qualified person as listed in the notes supplied with the form. Download the permanent proxy application form. (pdf, 176Kb)

Temporary proxy voting is available to any registered elector for any reason. Applications are made for a specific election and do not need supporting by a qualified person. Your proxy will be sent details on how to cast your vote 1-2 weeks before the day of election. Download the temporary proxy application form. (pdf, 76Kb)

Should you have any questions regarding the different methods of voting please contact Electoral Services on 0191 278 78 78 or email

Returned applications should be fully completed. Please remember to sign and date the form.  Signatures must be your original signature, electronic signatures cannot be accepted.

Forms can be returned to:
Electoral Services
Newcastle City Council 
Civic Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne 

Or emailed to

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13 June 2016
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