Blakelaw by-election 24 November 2016

The elected candidate for the Blakelaw by-election was Oskar Andrew Avery (LAB) with 892 votes. John Alan Gordon (Newcastle First) 164 votes, Gerry Langley (CON) 148 votes, Ciaran Joseph Morrisey (LIB) 784 votes.

Blakelaw by-election 15 September 2016

The elected candidate for the Blakelaw by-election was Nora Maebh Casey (LAB) with 1004 votes. Brendan Derham (GREEN) 105 votes, Ritchie Lane (UKIP) 443 votes, James Gerard Langley (CON) 190 votes, Ciaran Joseph Morrissey (LIB) 654 votes.

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3 April 2018
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