The Lord Mayor is assisted by the Deputy Lord Mayor, also referred to as the Sheriff. The term of office lasts for one year. View the procedure for electing the Lord Mayor and Sheriff.

The Lord Mayor of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne is the first citizen of the City and speaks as such on behalf of the area and its community. Within the City boundaries only the monarch and in certain circumstances, the Lord Lieutenant of Tyne and Wear, take precedence over the Lord Mayor.

Below are examples of the diverse activities of the Lord Mayor.

As First Citizen, the Lord Mayor has a diplomatic role and offers an official welcome to visitors to the City hosting Civic Receptions and other functions. The Lord Mayor's Piper and the Lord Mayor's Harpist may be invited to play on certain occasions. It is also the Lord Mayor's duty to reply to a Toast to the City.

Promoting the City
The Lord Mayor is involved in promoting the City, forging links with business and commerce, attending events organised by local and regional societies and professional organisations, and attending official openings and presentations. Close links exist between the Lord Mayor and local community groups and a range of organisations such as schools, hospitals and residential homes.

Charitable events
The Lord Mayor attends many functions in support of voluntary and charitable organisations as well as supporting many good causes throughout the city. 

Religious events
In his or her year of office, the Lord Mayor will attend a variety of religious services of all denominations. Following the Lord Mayor's election at the annual meeting of the City Council there is a Lord Mayor's service held at the St. Thomas the Martyr Church, which is attended by a cross section of people from all walks of life. The Lord Mayor's Chaplain, who is appointed at the annual meeting, takes part in the service with the Master of St Thomas' Church. In recent years the service has been updated to include contributions by the leaders of the other faith communities of the City and schools.

As part of these diverse duties there are a number of regular annual events which each Lord Mayor attends during his/her year of office. 

Council Duties
Chairing the City Council meetings.
Conferring Honorary Freedom of the City.

Legal Duties
Parliamentary Elections : The Lord Mayor is required to receive the writ for the holding of Parliamentary elections but does not act as Returning Officer.
Sealing of Documents : The Lord Mayor is required to sign his or her name on legal documents involving the City Council, along with that of the Head of Legal Services. The documents are normally presented to the Lord Mayor for signature once a week, together with the Seal Register which must also be signed.

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