Newcastle City Council is committed to providing a high-quality customer service. We are actively exploring the use of AI and cognitive services tools to enhance our customer experience.

Currently we have the following live deployments:

  • Microsoft LUIS in use in the NCC Bot

Microsoft LUIS – Language Understanding Intelligence Service, is a cognitive service from Microsoft which allows us to build up models to draw out intent and entities from conversion strings.  LUIS begins active learning once deployed and will re-use data in order to improve itself. All model’s deployment are held within the EU. 

Our design principle dictate that the following data will not be ran through these services:

  • Any data Newcastle City Council response with
  • Customer responses to message request for sensitive personal information

By continuing to use the services provided by Newcastle City Council listed above you acknowledge that you are in acceptance Microsoft terms of service around cogitative services.

Details of Microsoft Online Terms of services can be found here.

Page last updated: 
7 September 2017
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