We all want to live in a place where we feel safe, and in which we can take pride. We want the shops and services we need to be close at hand, with easy transport Let's talk newcastle logolinks to places we like to go to. And we want to provide a great place where we can all grow up, live our lives, grow old, and be healthy and successful in life.

Your Council plays an important role in the way your local neighbourhood looks and feels, providing many of the services which are part and parcel of our daily lives sweeping the streets, cutting the grass, emptying the bins and much more.

But strong neighbourhoods do not depend solely on the council. They are built on what people can do for themselves and for each other.

This paper begins a conversation about how the council and residents can work together to create decent neighbourhoods. As a first step it seeks to set out citywide standards that we think provide a basis for judging the quality of our neighbourhoods. The Decent Neighbourhood Standard is our guarantee that the council will play its part. But we understand that one size doesn't fit all and each neighbourhood is different with its own assets, priorities, aspirations and concerns.

Councils, like all big organisations, are not always great at adapting their services to match these local aspirations. They need help from residents who know their area. Creating great places to live has to be a joint effort through:

  • Making things happen putting council budgets and decision making as close as possible to local communities and deploying staff, machinery and other resources flexibly.
  • Personal responsibility taking individual and neighbourly responsibility for keeping places clean and safe and looking after each other.
    Community leadership listening to the views of residents and joining together to help shape and deliver their priorities.
  • Decent Neighbourhood Standards matter because they draw a line in the sand.

They are not minimum standards, nor the least we have to do to ensure a basic quality of life. We should expect all our communities to be at least as good as the standards we have set out in this paper, and then go further. The council will do all it can to make sure that this is the case.

Residents who would like to make their views known should visit www.letstalknewcastle.co.uk  and take part in an online survey.

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22 October 2012
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