Newcastle 2020: Investing in a fairer future – One year on



Last year we published a three-year plan which set out the steps we need to take to bridge the funding gap created by continued government cuts and uncontrollable cost pressures for 2017-18 to 2019-20.

We will have to save £13.3 million in 2018-19 in order to set a balanced budget. This means our city will have lost £283 million by 2020.

This year’s proposals are largely a continuation of the detail published last year, delivering year two of our three-year plan. They demonstrate how we are dealing with continued public sector austerity whilst delivering bold ambitions for the city, in cooperation with communities and partner organisations.

We consulted on these plans from November 2017 to January 2018 and the updated documents reflect feedback received.

Read more in our news story here.

Budget documents

Background documents - detailed budget information


Where there are proposed cuts and reductions to services in 2018-19 we have completed an Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA). The IIAs below provide further details of the proposed changes to specific services and their potential impact. 

IIAs have not been produced where there are no changes to service proposed in 2018-19.

Budget proposals

Proposals For consultation Post-consultation
1. Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums Pre-consultation (pdf, 279kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 286kb)
2. Local services - Waste management Pre-consultation (pdf, 273kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 279kb)
3. Economic development Pre-consultation (pdf, 202kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 216kb)
4. Care and protection of children and young people Pre-consultation (pdf, 424kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 438kb)
5. Care and support for adults - early intervention and prevention Pre-consultation (pdf, 541kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 559kb)
6. Continuing care and support for adults with complex or multiple needs Pre-consultation (pdf, 245kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 349kb)
7. Council Tax and Adult Social Care Precept Pre-consultation (pdf, 618kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 613kb)

What happens next?

On 19 February 2018 Cabinet will be asked to agree the post-consultation budget and will recommend it to full Council.

Council then meets on the 7 March 2018 to debate and vote on the budget.

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9 November 2018
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