Investing for a fairer future

Consultation on the draft budget proposals for 2017/18 finished on 31 December 2016. Thank you to everyone who took part. All feedback received was analysed and considered, and a consultation report was produced to help shape the budget which was presented to City Council on 1 March and approved. You can read the reports and proposal belows.

Government-imposed budget reductions and cost pressures require the council to save £30 million next year and a total of £70 million by 2020, while demand for services is rising. This comes on top of the £221 million the authority has already been forced to save over the past six years. To put this in context, council tax would need to more than double to replace Government grant lost over the past six years. By 2020 the council will have to be entirely self-financing. Read more here.

Thank you to the 4,000 people who helped shape the budget that was passed by councillors last night

Posted by Newcastle City Council on Thursday, 2 March 2017


Budget documents

Background documents


Where there are proposed cuts and reductions to services in 2017-18 we have completed an Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA). The IIAs below provide further details of the proposed changes to specific services and their potential impact. 

IIAs have not been produced where there are no changes to service proposed in 2017-18. IIAs have also not been produced for changes to services in 2018-19 or 2019-20 but will be done so before changes in those years are made.   

Budget proposals

Proposals For consultation For decision
1. Life Chances - Commissioning for Crisis Response and Homelessness Prevention Pre-consultation (pdf, 335kb) Proposal withdrawn
2. The Care and Protection of Children and Young People Age 0-24 – Assessment and Intervention Pre-consultation (pdf, 364kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 374kb)
3. The Care and Protection of Children and Young People Age 0-24 - A Safe Place to Live Pre-consultation (pdf, 375kb) Post consultation (pdf, 380kb)
4. Care and Support for Adults - Early Intervention and Prevention Pre-consultation (pdf, 237kb) Post consultation (pdf, 317kb)
5. Continuing Care and Support for Adults - Complex or Multiple Needs Pre-consultation (pdf, 290kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 265kb)
6. Commercial Property Portfolio Pre-consultation (pdf, 176kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 177kb)
7. Communities Team Pre-consultation (pdf, 247kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 245kb)
8. Leisure Centres - Kenton Park and Newburn Pre-consultation (pdf, 294kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 320kb)
9. Baltic 39 Pre-consultation (pdf, 196kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 195kb)
10. Tyne and Wear Museums and Archives Pre-consultation (pdf, 224kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 225kb)
11. Local Services and Waste Management Pre-consultation (pdf, 378kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 427kb)
12. School Crossing Patrols Pre-consultation (pdf, 238kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 300kb)
13. Public Safety and Regulation Pre-consultation (pdf, 211kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 212kb)
14. Economic Development - Newcastle Gateshead Initiative and Newcastle Futures Pre-consultation (pdf, 294kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 214kb)

We are also consulting on an increase to Council Tax and the Social Care Precept. 

15. Council Tax and Social Care Precept Pre-consultation (pdf, 466kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 479kb)

Due to reductions to our ring-fenced Public Health budget we also need to continue to review how we invest this money, as well as delivering the changes we consulted on last year.

16. Health Improvement for Ethnic Minorities and Migrant Communities Pre-consultation (pdf, 293kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 477kb)