As a Council, we are legally required to set a balanced budget at the start of every year to meet our financial responsibilities. To help do this we produce a draft budget including service proposals that we consult upon with members of the public, service users and partner organisations. Our proposals are then finalised taking into account any consultation feedback and the draft budget is then put forward by Cabinet to be agreed at full Council in March.

For 2016/17, we anticipate that we'll have a net revenue budget of £230m to deliver services. In real terms this is about £30m less than its budget last year due to government spending cuts, new burdens and unfunded cost pressures. With this in mind, the council has proposed a draft budget below for 2016-17. 

Watch the short video below to understand the budget challenges facing Newcastle.


Budget 2016-17 documents

Background documents - detailed budget information


We have developed budget proposals for our services, the impacts of which are outlined in summaries called Integrated Impact Assessments (IIAs) below.

Proposals For consultation For decision
01. Learning Disability Pre-consultation (pdf, 179kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 203kb)
02. Older People's Social Care - Lunch Clubs Pre-consultation (pdf, 215kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 250kb)
03. Mental Health Pre-consultation (pdf, 196kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 210kb)
04. Adult Social Work Pre-consultation (pdf, 166kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 194kb)
05. Resource Centres - Older Persons Dementia Specific Pre-consultation (pdf, 248kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 270kb)
06. Resource Centres - Mental Health Recovery Support Team Pre-consultation (pdf, 249kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 270kb)
07. Care and Support within the Home - Carer Support Allocation Pre-consultation (pdf, 239kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 277kb)
08. Care and Support within the Home - Care and Support Budget Pre-consultation (pdf, 172kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 204kb)
09. Care and Support within the Home - Alt. funding for health related care calls Pre-consultation (pdf, 202kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 240kb)
10. Inclusion and Early Help Pre-consultation (pdf, 192kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 361kb)
11. Family Services Pre-consultation (pdf, 314kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 187kb)
12. Domestic Violence Pre-consultation (pdf, 163kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 180kb)
13. Vulnerable People - Prevention sevices Pre-consultation (pdf, 215kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 191kb)
14. Vulnerable People - Telecare Pre-consultation (pdf, 350kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 379kb)
15. Looked After Children - Charging Policy Pre-consultation (pdf, 141kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 167kb)
16. Childrens Social Work - Workforce Pre-consultation (pdf, 172kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 229kb)
17. Childrens Social Work - Contact Pre-consultation (pdf, 157kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 174kb)
18. Youth Service Pre-consultation (pdf, 138kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 165kb)
19. Education - Connexions Pre-consultation (pdf, 194kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 258kb)
20. Fairer Housing Unit Pre-consultation (pdf, 248kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 250kb)
21. Community Hubs Library and Customer Service Network Pre-consultation (pdf, 232kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 297kb)
22. Leisure Centre Reduction in Funding Pre-consultation (pdf, 194kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 287kb)
23. Cemeteries and Crematoria Pre-consultation (pdf, 219kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 227kb)
24. Newcastle Enterprise Centres Pre-consultation (pdf, 135kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 136kb)
25. Neighbourhood Wardens Pre-consultation (pdf, 296kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 300kb)
26. Local Services Refuse Collection and Street Cleansing Pre-consultation (pdf, 194kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 207kb)
27. Museums and Archives Pre-consultation (pdf, 224kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 225kb)
28. Economic development - Newcastle Futures Pre-consultation (pdf, 178kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 263kb)
29. Public Safety and Regulation Pre-consultation (pdf, 196kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 285kb)
30. Public Health Contract Efficiencies and Savings Pre-consultation (pdf, 193kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 279kb)
31. Public Health Sexual Health Pre-consultation (pdf, 535kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 550kb)
32. Public Health Healthy Child Programme 0-19 Years Pre-consultation (pdf, 1.3mb) Post-consultation (pdf, 1.2mb)
33. Energy Health Through Warmth Pre-consultation (pdf, 148kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 148kb)
34. Council Tax Pre-consultation (pdf, 188kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 397kb)
35. Cooperative Communities Budget 2016-17 Pre-consultation (pdf, 177kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 204kb)

What happens next?

At its meeting on the 22 February 2016 Cabinet will agree the post-consultation budget and will recommend it to full Council.

Council then meets on the 2 March 2016 to debate and vote on the budget. 

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10 March 2016
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