We will safeguard and promote the welfare of vulnerable adults and children, not only because it’s our statutory responsibility but because it is the right thing to do. To meet an increasing population with social care needs we will continue to assess needs and both commission and directly provide services to meet those needs. We will meet the needs of the most vulnerable children and adults and reduce the need for some of them to become looked after. The level and manner in which support is delivered will change whilst we strive to reduce demand through a shift to prevention and early intervention. Our investment in this area will both improve outcomes for and minimise the risk of harm to vulnerable people.

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Children's social care workforce
We will remodel the children’s social care workforce and reduce staff numbers whilst ensuring it will be sufficient to meet demands and provide a safe service. In addition we will review a range of other budgets including; adoption payments, asylum seekers and non-staffing budgets, and reduce them where there is a clear trend indicating a reduction in demand over time.
Pre-consultation (pdf, 277kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 277kb)
Looked after children
We will continue to reduce the placement costs of looked after children by ensuring that wherever possible children are permanently placed outside of the looked after system, plus greater use of in-house foster care and review of contracting arrangements. 
Pre-consultation (pdf, 270kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 270kb)
Youth offending team
We will delete a vacant post, discontinue a non-statutory contract and further rationalise operational overheads in the youth offending team. 
Pre-consultation (pdf, 247kb) Post-consultation pdf, 247kb)
Adult social care workforce
We will remodel adult social care to ensure we met the demands of the new Care Act and provide a safe service. The new burdens funding will be used to avoid the need for workforce reductions at a time of increased demand as a result of new duties. 
Pre-consultation (pdf, 244kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 244kb)
Specialist care – housing models
We will provide more cost effective housing support by developing extra care schemes for people with moderate level learning disabilities and physical disabilities, and extend our successful Concierge Plus initiatives to provide flexible and affordable tailored support on site. 
Pre-consultation (pdf, 339kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 339kb)
Specialist care – learning disability provision
We will carry out a comprehensive review of learning disability provision and costs, particularly for those people we already support through Independent Supported Living. We are taking part in a national technology pilot to inform this which may result in night time support to clusters rather than each house. 
Pre-consultation (pdf, 280kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 280kb)
Older people's care – specialist housing
We will continue to invest in extra care schemes for older people to provide a credible, affordable alternative to high cost care packages in people’s homes and residential care placements. 
Pre-consultation (pdf, 288kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 288kb)
Older people's care – complex moving and handling
We will reduce unnecessary two worker interventions and, where appropriate, use equipment and practice alternatives instead.
Pre-consultation (pdf, 242kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 242kb)
Older people's care – meals service
We will increase our meal charges from £3 per meal to £4 per meal and produce meals more efficiently. 
Pre-consultation (pdf, 315kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 315kb)
Mental health care – subsidy for non-statutory support
We will realign our spending on voluntary sector support for mental health care to reduce duplication of helpline and advocacy services.
Pre-consultation (pdf, 246kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 246kb)
We will reduce the number of Disability Assessment Officers and replace with robust screening and advice on equipment and fitting options by Community Health and Social Care Direct, and web based self-assessment model that will direct adults to appropriate purchases. This will also allow us to reduce our investment in the Joint Loan Equipment Service. We will also reduce spending on stair lift maintenance. 
Pre-consultation (pdf, 286kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 286kb)
Care Services – remodelling
We will remodel and reduce the workforce by deleting vacancies, planned management reductions and restructuring to ensure it is fit for purpose. 
Pre-consultation (pdf, 277kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 277kb)
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13 February 2015
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