Public health funding is ring-fenced for public health activity and we cannot make savings from it. However, we can review how we use this funding in the context of value for money and spend it differently to improve outcomes. We want to work with partners to support the prevention of ill health over a generation. We must also address existing ill health caused by disease and disability in the short term. We need to lead the development of tools to support active citizenship that makes a difference, both in the ways we care for others, and the ways we care for ourselves, explicitly connecting with ‘Support for the most vulnerable people’ and  ‘Inclusion’.

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Public health – new start maternity obesity pathway
We will restructure top-up spending in some services that should be part of mainstream provision. This will be done in partnership with relevant NHS agencies. We will also discontinue ineffective and cost-ineffective funding to elements of support for obesity management in and around pregnancy. We will redirect these savings to support this client group through mainstream obesity services and through investment in parks and leisure service based support. 
Pre-consultation (pdf, 250kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 250kb)
Public health – stop smoking services
We will re-commission Stop Smoking Services for Newcastle to provide a more supportive, community-orientated approach which will include pharmacy and other non-specialist services that offer both greater impact and better value for money. Additional expenditure scheduled in this area will be put on hold pending tendering, improvement and reassessment of the service.
Pre-consultation (pdf, 256kb) Post-consultation (pdf, 256kb)
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20 February 2015
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