Councils are legally required to set a balanced budget at the start of every year to meet financial responsibilities.

Over the next three years we will be required to make savings of £90 million with:

  • £40 million in 2015-16
  • £30 million in 2016-17
  • £20 million in 2017-18

In October we published ‘Fair choices for tough times’ which outlined the latest assessment of the steps we need to take to respond to continued government cuts and cost pressures. This was the start of our process to develop and agree our budget for 2015-16 and look ahead to the savings required in future years.

In December we published an updated version of ‘Fair choices in tough times’ including information about our proposals to set a balanced budget and what this might mean for services. 

The consultation on the proposals took place until 31 January. We have used the feedback received to update the proposals documents below. 

Budget 2015-16 documents:


We have developed budget proposals through a series of themes. Details of each proposal that may impact upon services are outlined within Integrated Impact Assessments (IIAs).

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23 November 2015
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