84. Economic Development, Transport and Planning
Create a more integrated staffing structure to generate savings without undermining the delivery of the Local Development Framework (LDF), City Deal and Working City programme. Significant savings will be secured in our partnership arrangements including Science City and Newcastle Gateshead Initiative (NGI). We will raise additional income through planning fees.

Pre consultation (pdf, 156Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 179Kb) Revised January 2014 (1) (pdf, 175Kb)
Revised January 2014 (2) (pdf, 119Kb)
Revised February 2014 (1) (pdf, 410Kb)
Revised February 2014 (2) (pdf, 285Kb)

85. Apprenticeships 

Our apprenticeship programme will respond to reduced opportunities within the council itself, by making a significant shift towards supporting apprenticeships by partner organisations developing the Apprenticeship Plus programme which we began last year. Savings will be generated as a result of reducing the unit costs of apprenticeships and greater support from other income sources, without undermining the council's overall commitment.

Pre consultation (pdf, 123Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 145Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 92Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 262Kb)
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14 February 2014
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