41. Whole-system, whole-community concept for prevention
Work with partners to help prevent people's health and care needs from increasing by introducing flexible support services underpinned by assistive technology (including telecare). Encourage a greater awareness of prevention amongst existing home care services, and link in community and voluntary sector activity to reduce the need for people to go into care homes.

Pre consultation (pdf, 115Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 132Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 124Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 322Kb)

42. 'Chain Reaction' - Developing a new community response
This is a new way of supporting people who access social care using a neighbourhood approach. It will consider an individual's needs and wishes to tailor help for them, by using things that are available in the person's own life or neighbourhood. An example may be getting people with Personal Budgets together so that they can meet at a café instead of travelling a long way to a day centre.

Pre consultation (pdf, 120Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 96Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 99Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 254Kb)

43. New Housing Models - Learning and Physical Disability
Invest in developing alternative housing models for adults with learning and/or physical disabilities, thereby promoting their independence and reducing social care costs.

Pre consultation (pdf, 99Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 121Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 118Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 331Kb)

44. Specialist housing for older people
Increase the number and range of specialist housing options for older people to better meet their needs, including providing an alternative to residential care homes.

Pre consultation (pdf, 108Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 111Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 117Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 289b)

45. Learning Disability Contractual Changes
Simplify the way we price our contracts with organisations that provide learning disability services. Develop a new scheme which involves paying a percentage of a contract price only when agreed targets are met. In addition, we will improve the way Adult and Culture Services and Children's Services work together to commission services.

Pre consultation (pdf, 98Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 79Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 109Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 280Kb)

46. Care Management
Reorganise and reduce the size of our social work service. The assessment process will be separate from the service arrangement, and the mix of staff will be different. We also aim to continue to develop closer working arrangements with Community Health partners.

Pre consultation (pdf, 114Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 136Kb)

47. Care Co-operative
We are looking at how we can create a 'care co-operative' for social care services currently run by the council. This approach is a way of shaping a market that delivers excellent outcomes for service users, within an environment that retains public service values, but is also able to trade in the open market in order to secure its future.

Pre consultation (pdf, 116Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 130Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 122Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 292Kb)

48. Care at Home
Before setting up the proposed 'care co-operative', we will make sure our Care at Home service is as cost effective as possible through the introduction of rotas which better meet service user's needs, targeting the service on 'reablement' only.

Pre consultation (pdf, 120Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 97Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 128Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 290Kb)

49. Castledene and Welford
Before setting up the proposed 'care co-operative', we will make sure the day service at Welford is as cost effective as possible by considering whether the Welford building could be used to deliver additional services, by promoting closer working with health partners, and through considering ways to create income by trading across the region. We will explore all potential options to improve the cost effectiveness and usage of our existing facilities at Castledene, and hope to find a more sustainable future for the site. If, and only if, this is unsuccessful will we need to review options again.

Pre consultation (pdf, 115Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 219Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 118Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 297Kb)

50. Resource Centres
Before setting up the proposed 'care co-operative', we will make sure the service is as cost effective as possible. We will focus on services that prevent people's care needs from getting worse, where these services are not currently available elsewhere in the city. We also propose to stop providing planned short breaks, and provide these in different ways, enabling us to close one unit which will be Harehills.

Pre consultation (pdf, 114Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 97Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 132Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 301Kb)

51. Integrated assisted living equipment, aids and adaption service
We want to work more closely with our community health partners to create an 'integrated assisted living equipment, aids and adaptation' service, in advance of the creation of a care co-operative. We will review the equipment on offer, and the roles of the staff involved to remove duplication, to create a streamlined service.

Pre consultation (pdf, 126Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 96Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 130Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 300Kb)

52. Income and Charging
Change the policies on charging for non-residential services, to enable an increase in income by removing the optional allowance for water rates, increasing or removing the maximum charge and changing the Disability Related (DRE) allowance.

Pre consultation (pdf, 118Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 173Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 171Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 353Kb)

53. Transport to access social care services
Establish cheaper alternatives for transporting service users to day and resource centres, which could also have benefits for both Adult and Culture Services and Children's Services. We are also investigating whether a community transport service would be viable, where different levels of paid membership could entitle each person to a different level of service.

Pre consultation (pdf, 97Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 108Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 92Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 240Kb)

54. Supported Employment
Maximise income within the present service and undertake a full review of employment and skills development services. This would create a fully integrated service with a particular focus on young people aged 14 to 25 years.

Pre consultation (pdf, 107Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 121Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 126Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 320Kb)

55. Reducing the Number of people receiving social care support
We want to protect care services for as long as we can. However, as things stand, we do not have enough resources to do so through the budget's three year time span. The outcome of the 2014 Comprehensive Spending Review will determine if we need to reduce the number of people that are eligible to receive these services in year three.

Pre consultation (pdf, 120Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 86Kb)

56. Social Care Commission - a Health and Social Care City Deal
Through the Social Care Commission, we propose to explore the potential of establishing a 'Health and Care City Deal', which would treat health and social care as one. This would include looking at innovative local ways of tackling the funding crisis facing social care.

Pre consultation (pdf, 103Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 70Kb)

57. Reducing the number of looked after children
We expect to reduce the numbers of looked after children and associated placement costs due to increased adoptions and young people turning 18 and leaving the care system over the next three years.

Pre consultation (pdf, 101Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 107Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 102Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 256Kb)

58. Provision of Short Break Care for Children with Disabilities
Explore all potential options to make savings and improve the financial viability of the existing unit at Cheviot View. If, and only if, this is unsuccessful, we will need to remove the existing local authority provision, and work with parents and carers to make sure an equivalent and continuing short break offer is available to them.

Pre consultation (pdf, 112Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 185Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 412Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 622Kb)

59. Play Service
We will no longer deliver the open access play service, although we will continue to deliver a self-sustaining play care service in response to market demand, and will retain sufficient resource to deliver any statutory duties and responsibilities.

Pre consultation (pdf, 126Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 179Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 160Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 341Kb)

60. Youth Service
We will no longer deliver a youth service directly. However, we will retain sufficient resources to deliver any statutory duties and responsibilities.

Pre consultation (pdf, 125Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 154Kb)

61. Initial Response Service, Family Support Staff Reduction
Over the last year we have been reviewing the provision of family support services across Children's Social Care, and in light of this work we propose to reduce the family support staffing complement.

Pre consultation (pdf, 102Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 108Kb)

62. NE6 Contract
Achieve savings in what we pay for external residential placements for looked after children, by implementing the NE6 contract. NE6 is a consortium of North East Local Authorities, that have come together to use combined buying power to achieve better prices for private and voluntary sector residential accommodation for children and young people.

Pre consultation (pdf, 109Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 108Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 116Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 255Kb)

63. Children's Safeguarding Standards Unit (CSSU)
Reshape and remodel the Children's Safeguarding Standards Unit over three years, so that the service can fulfil its statutory functions in a leaner, more streamlined and efficient way with minimum impact on safeguarding performance.

Pre consultation (pdf, 96Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 168Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 272Kb)

64. Reduction in Children's Social Work Staffing
Safely reduce demand for social care interventions and children coming into care with a consequent reduction in social work staffing.

Pre consultation (pdf, 117Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 137Kb) Revised November 2013 (pdf, 285Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 113Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 288Kb)

65. Sure Start Early Years and Childcare
Initially reduce costs through targeting places to those who need it most. By 2016, Sure Start Children's Centres will offer places only those who need it most. We will stop providing citywide coverage, focusing only on the following priority areas of Scotswood and Benwell, Elswick, Westgate, Byker and Walker and Cowgate. We will review this proposal in line with the outcome of the 2014 Comprehensive Spending Review.

Pre consultation (pdf, 141Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 128Kb) Revised November 2013 (pdf, 476Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 204Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 511Kb)
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